Clubhouse Hours

    :Business Hours
    Monday, Wednesday, Friday 6:00am- 4:45pm
    Tuesday, Thursday 9:00am-4:45pm

Gym Hours:
Monday, Wednesday 6:00am- 9:30pm
Tuesday, Thursday 9:00am- 9:30pm
Friday 6:00am- 8:00pm
Saturday, Sunday 9:00am- 5:00pm

Basketball Court Hours

Monday to Friday 7 am – 9 pm; 
Saturday, Sunday and holidays 9 am – 9 pm

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Turf Management Update

Use of Organic turf treatments has begun.  Click the link for more info: Organic Turf Management Update

Exterior Household Projects Need Approval

Exterior changes, including adding a deck, replacing windows, changing paint colors, or performing any other exterior change, including landscape changes, must receive approval by submitting a Visual Change Application form to the Management office at 485 Tschiffely Square Road. These forms can be found on the Kentlands website ( or at the Clubhouse. (Note: repair or replacement that results in changes to the design, material or color for any exterior item would also require submission of a Visual Change Application.)


Visual Change Applications are required to be submitted and approved by the Kentlands Historical Trust (KHT) prior to the start of your project.Condominium residents must first receive approval from their condominium association before seeking approval from the KHT.

Once approved by the Kentlands Historical Trust, the project must start within six months or a new approval is needed. Applications are due by the close of business on the 19th of the month for review prior to the first Wednesday of the following month. If you have any questions, please 301.948.2071.



All meetings will be held at the Kentlands Clubhouse unl
ess otherwise noted  


KIDSERVE Announces 2013 Calendar

Please note that dates
and locations are subject to change.

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Questions? Contact us
at: or 301-208-8766.

Kentlands 25th Anniversary

With the 25th anniversary just around the corner in 2013, the Kentlands Community Foundation is forming a committee to help us celebrate this milestone. If you'd like to get involved please contact Ailene Renzi or John Schlichting at or

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 Basketball/Tennis Court Rules

• Residents must have their Facilities Pass with them at all times while using the basketball or tennis courts. Courts will be monitored and passes will be checked.

• Profane or offensive language is not permitted.

• Dogs or play equipment including bikes, skateboards, scooters, roller blades, and other related items are not permitted on the courts.


It is required that gates remain closed and locked at all times. If you are walking by the courts and happen to see the gates open, please feel free to close them.


Court Hours:

Monday to Friday 7 am – 9 pm; Saturday, Sunday and holidays 9 am – 9 pm



Trash and Recycling Reminders

Trash is collected on Tuesdays and Fridays while recycling is collected on Thursdays. All trash must be contained in an impervious container. Please do not place trash bags on the ground as they are subject to being torn into by animals, resulting in unsightly trash throughout the community. Trash and recycling containers may not be placed outside for pick-up earlier than 7:00 p.m. on the night before pick-up day. Trash and recycling containers must be returned to the homeowner’s property no later than the night of each pick-up day and must be stored out of sight. 

Please secure your recycling material to prevent trash from blowing throughout the community on windy days.

Recycling Note

Were you aware that you can place your recycling in your service alley for pickup (rather than the street only)? If you would like to start having your recycling picked up on the alley side, rather than the street side. Please email General Manager Randy Fox,

City residents have the option of using a 65-gallon wheeled recycling cart with a lid. The cart can hold about four times the amount of the smaller green recycling bins, and will keep materials from getting wet or blowing away during inclement weather. There is a limit of one wheeled cart per household.

To order a wheeled recycling cart, please contact the City at 301-258-6377, ext. 300 or

City of Gaithersburg - Bulk Trash Pickup

The City of Gaithersburg picks up bulk trash on the first Thursday of each month. This includes large appliances and large household items.

If you have any questions, please contact the City at 301-258-6370 or


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